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We Connect the Dots of Your Digital Marketplace

Wikibrands started as a massive research study and globally-acclaimed book tracking the top 100 digitally-engaged companies back in 2010 –  a wake up call on how companies evolve their business and brand culture, strategies and activities to become beacons of customer engagement … but it was only the start.

We’ve now added new insights, new tools and new people to shape us into a holistic, business transformation and futureproofing firm.

By incorporating the best of culture change, customer shifts, innovation thinking, emerging technology leaps and trend mapping, Wikibrands offers three advantages not many other firms can promise, never mind deliver:

  • We build faster futures – the world is moving 7.7x faster now but we’re still using management practices from the 1950s. Technology, customers and industry have all sped up; organizations need to keep pace too. Wikibrands is an agile future-savvy partner spending enormous energy on understanding the future trends, technologies and implications, so you don’t have to.
  • We are neutral – software firms talk to CIOs, agencies talk to CMOs, consultancies talk to CEOs and research firms talk to the strategists. Ugh, the walls need to come down. Most successful transformation work has little functional bias. Wikibrands has incorporated the 10 essential levers for transformation all into one balanced practice.
  • We are on-demand – people love Uber, Airbnb, Netflix and Spotify. Why? They deliver when you want, how you want it, affordably and conveniently. We think business partners should too. Wikibrands has collaborated and worked with 50+ seasoned experts and experienced service firms to provide for your bespoke needs without attaching the big box consultancy price tag or top-heavy retainer.

We’ bridge the chasm between your today and the future. Our all-star collective of future advocates will “connect the dots”, and get your company winning in a hyper-connected marketplace. If you, your group or leadership team are serious about deriving the full scale of benefits out of anticipating and transforming your future, we can help.

Focus on Three Things

We offer our services up infuse flavours to jumpstart your organization and transformation pipeline. You choose how much you need of us:

Wikibrand Facets

  • Facet One- Kickstarters – Getting Inspired for Change
  • Facet Two – Immersions –  Identifying Direction and Opportunities
  • Facet Three – Deep Dives – Building Capabilities and Embedding Behaviours
  • Facet Four – Partnering – Rolling Up Our Sleeves and Tackling Big Ideas
  • Facet Five – Leadership – Championing & Resourcing Change & Awesomeness

Wikibrand Services

1) Kickstarters short term engagements to get your efforts moving or moving further

  • Keynote Presentations – informative, provocative and customized presentations across over 50+ relevant topics for organizational decision makers.
  • Thoughtleader Camps – themed 1⁄2 and full day sessions with Wikibrands principals and global thoughtleaders on core coverage areas and marketplace insights.
  • Executive Briefings – expert third-party summaries, audits and updates on what’s happening now and in the future to your industry for your executive team and/or boards.

 2) Immersions – deep coverage of specific themed topics 

  • Business Team Immersions – a playbook for tapping into emerging trends, market insights, core priorities, opportunities portfolio and alignment on next steps and priorities.
  • Innovation Offsites – a customized 1-­4 day session designed to deliver a hothouse of customer-driven ideas, breakthrough opportunities and change orientation around key thematic(s).
  • Executive Bootcamps – ongoing one-­to-­one/small group sessions focused on executive education of new opportunities, media, insight and/or technologies.

III) Deep Dive Engagements – special approaches addressing key opportunities, challenges and gaps

  • Training Programs – ongoing live and/or web-­based digital engagement building digital literacy, change insights and resilience  for changing business models.
  • Industry Roundtables – building peer-­to-­peer discovery and collaboration on core themes, opportunities and ssues.
  • Issue-specific Labs – through review, experimentation and recommendation of best practices on a core opportunity and issue.

IV) Partnered Approaches – “joined at the hip” longer term approaches linking strategy to execution

  • Transformation Audits/Reports – an independent grading and forensics on your company’s digital, customer, marketing and innovation capabilities and readiness.
  • Proprietary Research – participation in new and Wikibrands’ quarterly research studies for seeing internal change, generating thought leadership, building customer engagement and fueling content marketing.
  • Initiative Consulting – project or retainer-­‐based management oversight of key innovation ventures and initiatives.

V) Expert-Sourced Leadership trusted veteran leadership and increased client capacity by embedding ourselves in your world

  • Special Project Leadership  3-­12 month stewardship of future-focused transformation projects, resources & assets.
  • Transformation Engagements – resourcing ideas, capabilities & technologies and validating impact of a company’s pace & pipeline.
  • Digital Accelerators – development & management of upstream, seed and test innovation, technology initiatives and proof of concepts.

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