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2019 : The Future is Still Faster

Another few examples of the future becoming so much faster... As mentioned in 2018, we looked at 50 different business, cultural and technology drivers and realized the world was spinning 7.7X faster than what it was the generation before us. Implication -- If you are...

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Wikibrands – The Full Monty of Business Transformation

Transformation Approaches - Building The Wrong Runways Business Transformation has always been an executional challenge, It's also a people challenge. In today's fast moving age, it's certainly a prediction challenge, And for those that have sat in the big or small...

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Wikibrands Webcast- Signals Episode #1

The first of what should be a monthly tradition, "Signals" is a catch-all for everything Wikibrands and what's going on in the world-at-large. We hope to make it a monthly preview of what's on our collective minds - what just happened, what is happening now and what...

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Let's Start Something New
Say Hello!

You don't have to see and walk the whole staircase, to take the first step to a better future. Let's grab a Skype, a chat, a coffee, a pint ...

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