Blockchain for the CMO:

Reshifting the brand, customer, content, community, culture & commerce landscape

With Blockchain, it’s like 1995 internet all over again. The early winners and standards are developing. Marketers don’t get left in the starter’s gates. Through our global research and project work, we are truly navigating in “marketing white space’. With “blockchain” expected to mainstream in 2021, there is a massive wealth and mindset shift that will be happening between now and then. Smart brands will start to explore how to tap into this fast-rising technology, explore use cases and work on proof-of-concepts. Wikibrands is at the vanguard of understanding this world for your industry. Get ahead of the movement, and invite us to provide the Blockchain for the CMO.

Remember e-commerce when we didn’t know Amazon. Remember social media when Facebook hadn’t been invented. Remember the smartphone before the app store. That’s where we are on blockchain. Be the smartest person in the room when your C-Suite and stakeholders ask “what are we doing here?”.  Through its global network, canvas, tools and study The Blockchain Benchmark©, Wikibrands brings its leading edge expertise and insight to the question what is a CMO to do with blockchain and:  marketing, brands, promotions & loyalty programs, commerce, media & content, online community and delivery of future value.

Wikibrands’ “Blockchain for the CMO” is predictive of your future, getting you on the fast track and helping you roll out blockchain in previously unimaginable ways.  Let’s block out some time and get disrupting and disintermediating with this top 5 technology.

Perfect for:

  • Innovation Teams
  • Executive Boards/C-Suite
  • CMOS and executive Marketers
  • Strategic Policy Makers
  • Researchers/Business Analysts


  • Keynotes
  • Executive Briefings
  • Team Workshops
  • Proof-of-Concepts
  • Content Leadership

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stay ahead of your world ... and compEtition!

The average organization takes 3.1 years to be disrupted and then start their inevitable  spiral into decline. Don't be one of them. Separate the spin and hype from real fundamental change with Wikibrands' all-encompassing work on "Disruption".

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